4 books you must read in your life

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Vivid stories tell the wisdom of reality

Life is like a "maze" in which everyone is looking for their own "cheese"-stable work, physical and mental health, harmonious interpersonal relationships, sweet and happy love, or wealth...
So, are you collecting your cheese first?
If so, this little story may always remind you whether your cheese has gone bad.
If not, you are welcome to read this short story from beginning to end. I hope you can be inspired by it and enjoy your cheese as soon as possible.

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The first book of world success

This book brings together the essence of Carnegie's thoughts and the most exciting content. It is Carnegie's most successful inspirational classic. It was immediately welcomed by readers after its publication. It can help solve people's dealings in daily life, business activities and social interactions, and effectively influence others; how to defeat the enemy of human survival-worry, in order to create a happy and beautiful life.

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Jane Austen's Views on Marriage

Pride and Prejudice is Austin’s masterpiece. This work uses daily life as the material, reflecting the content of sentimental novels popular in the society at that time and the pretentious writing method, and vividly reflects the conservative and occlusive life in the English township and the state of the world from the end of the 18th century to the beginning of the 19th century. This picture-style novel of social customs not only attracted a wide range of readers at the time, but still gives readers a unique artistic enjoyment to this day.

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Shocking "strange novels"

"Wuthering Heights" 19th century British female writer Emily Bronte's classic masterpiece, "Wuthering Heights" novel has been regarded as a "strange novel" in the history of English literature since its publication. "Wuthering Heights" is contrary to the sentimental sentiment that prevailed in contemporary works, and replaces the deep sadness and melancholy with strong love, violent hatred and relentless revenge that arises from it. Although at the beginning it was regarded as a naive fantasy of a young female writer divorced from reality, but combined with the fierce class struggle in the region and the social phenomenon in Britain, it was highly affirmed by critics and received warm welcome by readers. . The film and television works adapted from the novel "Wuthering Heights" have been performing for a long time.

Original price ₱1580, now only ₱990

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