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Six must-read management and sales books will make your team more and more powerful, make your company's revenue double, and make your sales performance better and better.

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  • Author:Debra Fine
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How to master the art of conversation? Teach you 7 conversation skills

If you don’t know how to communicate, but have a lot of inner thoughts, and you still can’t express your thoughts when communicating, you must read this book.

  • This book written by a well-known lecturer at Yale University will explain to you the art of personality and how to make personality a natural, smooth, and sincere language communication.
  • 1.Not judging right or wrong opinions
  • 2.Full respect
  • 3.Try not to use negative words
  • 4.It’s more acceptable to express from another angle
  • 5. Use your body language well
  • 6. Hope is more effective than order
  • 7.emotional instability, talk less
  • 8. Love is an infinite force

Speaking is not just a "feel", it is also a "technology"! Throughout the ages, it is difficult for anyone who does not understand the way of speaking to achieve great things, and those who can do it must have unique abilities in language. A right sentence can even change a person's destiny.

The Willpower Instinct

Introduction:The Willpower Instinct "self-control" is a popular psychology course at Stanford University. It only takes 10 weeks to successfully master your time and life. The effective way to improve self-control is to find out how and why one has lost control. If you always delay working until the next minute; it’s always moonlight and credit card overdraft; you want to relax but stay up late to surf the Internet; you always want to lose weight but always frustrate; then this book is written for you.

How to become a person with strong self-control?

The book "Self-Control" provides us with a way to train our brains, which can make our willpower stronger. The following are 14 important knowledge points (methods of self-control) that I have compiled based on my understanding after reading "self-control".

  • 1. Observe and know yourself
  • 2. Enhance brain willpower reserves
  • 3. Self-control muscle exercise mode.
  • 4. Tap the power of "I want" and enhance motivation.
  • 5. Focus on commitment, not pure progress.
  • 6. Don’t wait for tomorrow to do things for today
  • 7. An effective decompression method.
  • 8. Optimistic pessimists are more likely to succeed.
  • 9. Wait for 10 minutes strategy.
  • 10. Lower your discount rate.
  • 11. Make a pre-commitment to your future self.
  • 12. Meet the future self.
  • 13. Avoid contagion of willpower.
  • 14. Avoid "rebound".

Of the 14 items above, which one do you think is most useful to you? Which one do you most want to try?There are more detailed explanations in the book, waiting for you to explore the power of knowledge


The Greatest Salesman in the World

Introduction:Joe Girard was included in the Guinness Book of Records for selling more than 13,001 cars and setting the highest sales record. He has been the person who sold the most new cars in the world for 15 consecutive years, with an average of 1,300 cars sold in six years. Sales is a business that requires wisdom and strategy. Behind every salesman, there is his own unique success recipe. So, what is the secret of Joe’s sales performance so brilliant?

Learning with an open mind, working hard and being persistent, focusing on service and sharing with sincerity are the four most important keys to success for Joe Girard.

The secret of sales success:

  • Two Five Zero Law:Don't offend any customer.
  • Distribute business cards everywhere: and then promote them to everyone.
  • Build customer profiles:learn more about customers.
  • The Hound Program:Let customers help you find customers.
  • honest:Honesty is the best strategy for sales, and it is the only strategy. But absolute honesty is stupid.
  • Sell monthly cards:lock customers,The real sales begin with after-sales.

There are more detailed explanations in the book, waiting for you to explore the power of knowledge and wealth


From zero to one trade economy business management

Introduction"From 0 to 1" author Peter Thiel (Peter Thiel) is a well-known entrepreneur and investor in Silicon Valley.

He founded Paypal in 1998 and served as CEO. In 2004, he invested in Facebook. In the same year, he founded Palantir, a company that serves data analysis in the national security and financial fields. He is also an investor in hundreds of companies including Yelp, Linkedin, SpaceX, and Airbnb.


13 Reverse Thinking Viewpoints in the Venture Capital Bible "From 0 to 1"

In this book, Peter Thiel puts forward that "capitalism and competition are opposed to each other", "competition has become an ideology, distorting our thinking mode", "beginning silly and unsaved", ""products can speak "It's a lie", "Superb sales promotion skills can create monopoly by itself" and a series of subversive views of reverse thinking, which are in line with the previous thoughts of "competition encourages innovation", "monopoly is the root of all evil", and "starting a business It is not important, you can try and error frequently", "Focus on the product, sales promotion is not important" and so on. Concepts are quite different.

  • 1.Capitalism itself is opposed to competition, and monopolists can accumulate capital and see long-term
  • 2. Competition has become an ideology, distorting our thinking mode
  • 3. Four characteristics of an innovative monopolist: patented technology, network effects, economies of scale, and brand advantage

  • 4. The 3 steps to becoming a monopolist: monopolize a small market from the beginning; expand in volume; do not pursue destructive innovation

  • 5. The horror curse of "Till's Law": the start is confused and unsaved
  • 6. "Products can speak" is a lie. Superb sales promotion skills can create monopoly by themselves
  • 7. The key to viral growth is to encourage users to invite friends to join. The faster the process, the better
  • 8. The work of each person in the company must be clearly separated, and internal fighting is comparable to AIDS
  • 9. Good companies in the future focus on the combination of man and machine instead of excluding people
  • 10. 7 questions that must be considered when starting a company
  • 11. About the founding team: Only extraordinary people can do extraordinary things
  • 12. Startups are like sects or even gangs
  • 13. On the sensitive topic of CEO salary

There are more detailed explanations in the book, so I won't introduce them too much here.


Introduction:Eric Rice is an entrepreneur in residence at Harvard Business School. His "Lean Startup" concept has been widely reported by the "New York Times", "Wall Street Journal", "Harvard Business Review" and other media, providing entrepreneurship to a large number of startups, large companies and venture capitalists. Innovative consulting services. His "Lean Entrepreneurship 1: Ideas for the Growth of New Startups" has aroused great repercussions all over the world. Strict and effective entrepreneurial methods have become a practical guide for many startups. So, after the initial stage, can a larger mature company continue to use lean entrepreneurship to stimulate organizational vitality? This is the core issue discussed in Lean Startup.

Five Principles of Lean Startup:

  • ①User-oriented principle:The core of lean entrepreneurship is around users, and all cognition and all iterations are around users. Traditional enterprises are self-directed: start-up companies or founders themselves introduce the entrepreneurial process.
  • ② Principles of Action:Action precedes knowledge, rather than using knowledge to guide action, and shift from plan-oriented to action-oriented. There is no need for a long-term work plan in the entrepreneurial process, but through continuous practice to obtain effective feedback and adjust actions based on the feedback.
  • ③The principle of trial and error:From perfect prediction to scientific trial and error, trial and error in the entrepreneurial process cannot be blindly, and scientific trial and error tools are needed. MVP (see related knowledge points below for reading) is a very important tool in the trial and error process.
  • ④Focus principle:Actively filter some noisy customers in the market and focus on the most critical angel customers.
  • ⑤Iteration principle:From the perfect plan and perfect execution in rocket entrepreneurship to the high-speed iteration of lean entrepreneurship, it is worth noting that iteration and speed are both critical.

There are more detailed explanations & beneficial content in this book, waiting for you to explore.


Today, many years later, after experiencing countless rounds of feedback, useless (and useful) meetings, and the experience of hiring (and firing) employees at a loss, Zhuo has a book titled "The Reinvention of Managers: How to Resign The new book Lost Your Job and Become the New Boss outlines her first experience as a manager.

Being a manager for the first time, look at these nine tips from Facebook’s vice president of design

  • 1. If you always hear "Everything is fine," someone is lying
  • 2. Reasonably use the advantages of those "energy people"
  • 3. Clarify personal responsibilities
  • 4. Throw away the "Praise Sandwich"
  • 5. When you provide feedback, receive the same response
  • 6. Make your team as diverse as a stock portfolio
  • 7. Abandon those who are inappropriate
  • 8. Know the purpose of each meeting, if not, cancel it
  • 9. Demonstrate trust through delegation

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