Usborne Peep Inside A Fairy Tale 10 Books Set

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Book information:

Product name:peep inside
ISBN: 9781409599111
Author: Charles PerraultSimona Dimitri
Finishing: hardcover
Publisher: Usborne
Author: Anna Milbourne
Painted by: Valeria Abatzoglu
Language: English
Pages: 14 pages*10
Size: 16.8x3.6x22.9cm

Product description:

The book Peep Inside series! 10 fairy tales! The content uses page turning and hollow design to present different fairy tales designed for children. This book consists of three-dimensional reading and special multi-level page turning design. It integrates knowledge, illustrations, stories, etc. into the small page turning, so that children can quickly absorb various knowledge. 

Package include:

1. The snow queen
2. The Little Mermaid
3. Sleeping Beauty
4. Jack and the Beanstalk
5. Princess & Pea
6. Snow White & The Seven Dwarves
7. Beauty & The Beast
8. Cinderella
9. The Nutcracker
10. The Little Red Riding Hood


Mom and Dad must have discovered that babies from a few months to two or three years old always like to pick things with their hands and poke holes.Pacifiers, gaps between tables and chairs, electrical outlets, even mother's nostrils, father's belly button, will all become the objects of careful study by the little guy.

The reason why the hole book is so popular with children is that it is designed with gradual changes or different shapes of holes on the paper according to the growth and development characteristics of young children. Not only can it attract the baby's attention, but it also meets the baby's sensitive period needs.

We can see that various holes in the cave book provide a stage for the restless little hands of the baby to perform martial arts, and they will naturally be liked by the baby. Moreover, in the book "Comparing Martial Arts" with hole book, you can also exercise your baby's finger flexibility and grasping ability, and promote hand-eye coordination.

This wonderful design of the hole book not only reveals a little clue, so that the baby can see the content of the next page; but also retains the space for guessing. As the plot develops, the hole will also match the picture, showing changes in size and shape, and guide the baby to button the hole and use his brain to find the answer. Let reading become a "peek-and-see" game in the palm of your hand, why would babies not like it?

Inner page display:


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