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The following is a brief description of the function operation of the e-paper reader:
1. Features include: status bar, reading and open installable: third-party Toutiao, Shuqi Novel, Starting Point Reading, Hongxixiu Reading, Sogou Novel, Tower Reading Novel,
Migu reading, WeChat reading, palm reading, Dangdang, QQ reading, similar listening to books, reading, newspapers and more than 500 mobile phone applications can be downloaded and installed by themselves.
Some third-party software in-house books require membership fees to be viewed, but they can also be viewed without payment. Consumers have the right to choose.
To achieve resource sharing, the mobile reading module of the mobile client can be integrated with the OPAC system to realize mobile retrieval and self-service of paper collection documents;
It can be integrated with the digital library portal and the national shared cloud service system, and realize one-stop search and full-text mobile reading of electronic resources, joint search of external resources and document delivery services;
Build a reader information exchange and interaction platform to realize announcement information release and reader personalized service customization;
It is necessary to implement the scanning function of the mobile client, so that readers can use the mobile client to scan the QR code of the book at any time, and download the book to the mobile client for offline reading;
Power saving mode, airplane mode, volume, contrast adjustment.
2. Icon full brush, four modes of cool and warm brightness adjustment, custom manual settings, joint adjustment menu
3. Add interface reading books, finished books and unread books. The layout is switched to 12 grids, and the list and tile can be set by yourself.
4. WIFI transfer books, QR code scanning, directly transfer books, bookshelf functions include: new folders, layout settings, book search, file sorting, batch management, scanning books, bookshelf settings and file naming and reader settings.
5. Application startup management: Manage third-party application software APP, start self-starting or allow background activities, enter application management, uninstall APK, clear data, set APP permissions and other operations.
6. Mobile reading resources on the mobile phone client, no less than 50,000 high-definition e-books (there are free e-books in each APP), and read according to the theme, classic reading, author columns, literature, novels, biographies, art, etc. Categorize; book content is updated regularly, with 150 new e-books updated every month. Support online reading of journals, provide 2000 kinds of Chinese journals, support online reading and reading, download and read the whole book, support adaptive typesetting, support left and right page turning, font replacement, spacing adjustment reading. Provide more than 3 million original books, and all books support full-text download. Provide more than 30 kinds of newspaper resources suitable for mobile reading, and realize the same day update of newspapers; support book resource download, provide bookshelf function, can download bookstore resources on the local bookshelf, and can complete offline reading, save user traffic, and provide retrieval history , collection and other services;
Provide bookmark function, add content of interest to bookmarks, you can quickly locate key positions; support cloud linkage search of book titles, quickly find the books you need, and support the use of keywords to quickly locate keywords in books;
Optimize third-party application settings: full screen display, A2 refresh, bleach function, REGAL refresh. Animation delay, refresh rate, image brightness, DPI and contrast adjustment. Support page up and down, click and slide to turn pages; support font switching, font size adjustment, line spacing adjustment, after adjustment, it will be automatically rearranged and displayed
7. File management Support EPUB, TXT, PDF, MOBI, FB2.DOC.AZW. Photo, music, installation package, compressed package and other file formats.
8. File management Can perform delete, copy, cut and paste operations.
9. Equipment settings: equipment auspiciousness, wireless settings, account management, multi-account management, user settings, document delivery services, and access to the cloud delivery and sharing platform established by the National Library Reference and Consultation Alliance, the Chinese document delivery satisfaction rate has reached More than 95%, and the satisfaction rate of foreign language document delivery is more than 85%. The delivered documents must be able to be opened and read anytime, anywhere. The study function needs to be realized, creating a personal learning space for each reader, recording their learning process, and users can collect and download books. At the same time, resources can be sorted and classified according to their own wishes;
Provide topic creation tools, support independent resource management and topic creation, and support topic review in the topic market; you can use the mobile phone to scan the QR code on the reader to log in to your personal account, and add historical reading records to the bookshelf. Readers can review books. Organize, create classified folders, move and delete books, save books on the bookshelf and reading progress in the cloud, change the reader and scan the code again to automatically synchronize
Power management, application management, device settings, system updates and help feedback, user manual.
10. Desktop style: 3*3, 2*4, 3*4, 4*5 modes can be set, and grid lines and application names can be displayed.
11. Lock screen wallpaper Customize the wallpaper, and customize the wallpaper menu.
12. Power management Sleep mode Automatic shutdown time, WIFI automatic shutdown time, power saving mode, display battery percentage, battery usage, and application startup management to set.
13. Device settings, lock screen password settings, date and time settings, multi-language and input method settings.
14. Reading interface or performing word selection, copying, underlining, annotation, encyclopedia, dictionary, translation, full text search. Switch multi-document mode, read healthy time settings,
15. The third-party APP voice listening to the book, the page thumbnail can be set to single image, four image and nine image mode.
16. Font weight size, typesetting contrast, double-page mode, rotation mode to set,
17. Multiple formats of audio, video mode. It is allowed to add pictures, recordings, study resources, etc. Support adding pictures, electronic resources, etc.
LPDDR3 1G+16GGB 2G+16GB 2G+32GB Flash with different capacities can be customized
Android version 8.1
6” E-ink high resolution 300PPI eye-friendly black and white ink screen supports backlight, capacitive touch screen, one charge can stand by for several weeks, about 70 days.
Android 8.1, openly installs a variety of third-party APK software, and comes with 500,000 books. The third-party software is more than 3 million free books to read at will.
WIFI, Bluetooth 5.1, support WTS on-ear Bluetooth headset. 


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