Harcourt American Kindergarten Textbook Enlightenment 37 books with CD

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Harcourt Education is one of the world's 

education publishers. Harcourt's

publishing content is based on the school

and covers teaching and reference books

for all courses of elementary education

and intermediate education, focusing on

reading, English,science and mathematics.

Compared with other large educational

publishing houses, Harcourt educational

books are more "specialized" and pay

more attention to education and usability.

The traditional markets for Harcourt

Education are in the UK, North America,

and Australia.At present, many schools

in Central and South America, Africa,

Europe and Southeast Asia are using

Harcourt's textbooks.The content involves

the four major areas of story, science,

society and mathematics. While learning

languages, it also inspires learning in

other subjects, cultivates children's

learning strategies, exercises children's

thinking skills, and improves children's

comprehensive quality.

It is specially developed and produced

for children whose mother tongue is not

English.The classification is scientific,

the system is complete, and the system is


This set of graded reading materials was

introduced from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Company (HMH), one of the world’s famous

educational publishing groups. It is a set

of classic graded reading materials. It

is widely recommended by all states in the

United States for English learners. Word

of mouth.It is very comprehensive in the

selection of reading content. Each level

can appropriately include a variety of

reading topics, including fictional

stories, non-fictional science, society,

and mathematics stories. There are

various forms of illustrations, not

only exquisite hand-painted pictures,

but also real-life photos. The

introduction version also specially

invited teachers to design columns for

thinking before reading and practicing

after reading. Through these scientific

design and careful arrangement,children

can effectively expand their reading

range and horizons, and help children

accumulate vocabulary and knowledge in

various aspects.

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